The Fallen Idol III
Survivor III
Cold & Foogy Morning in the Swamp
Reborn Forest II
Golden Circles
The Swamp Star
The Fallen Idol V
Reborn Forest
The Last Flight
Like a Bird
Dressed in Red & Yellow
The Guest Star II
White Hunter
Silybum marianum
Impressionist Spring
The Fairies´s World II
Autumnal Games
When the Autumn is Coming
Autumnal Games II
Solitude II (Final)
The Game of the Clouds and the Water Flow
Spring Impressions in a Poplar Fields
The Fairies´s World III
Floral Expressionism
Painting the Fall
Narcissus Reflexionem
Autumnal Movement
Fish Head Eating
Ghosts II
Ghost III
The Fairies´s World V
The Fall is Coming
The Big Yellow Eye
Lady Forest
The Way to the Light
Hayedo de la Pedrosa
The Beauty & The Beast
XIII Horses
Gold 'n' Blue
Chaos in the Fog
Alone at the Storm
Condemnation II
The Fairies´s World
La Arnía at Sunrise
Soft Sunset
Paceful Calblanque
Golden Leaves Awaiting for the Fall
Salty World
The Pier at Sunrise
The Fallen Idol
Ephemeral Sunrise
Golden Tears of a Forest in Flames
Green Salad
Condemnation III
Los Urros II
Warm Sunrise
The Last Tree
One Almond Tree, One Storm and Two Rainbows
The River Flow
Fog in the Forest
The Guest Star
Autumn Lines
Poseidon is Sleeping II
Stormy Day in Calblanque
The Stair at Sunrise
The Star
Momentos íntimos de mi relación con la naturaleza a todo color.
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