• Paper Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310 (matte) and Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige 340.
  • Pigmented inks Epson UltraChrome HDR.
  • Jesús Montaña Gómez collaborates with me as a quality printer as manager of
  • Avaliable sizes for 3:2 format:
    • A1 (84x56 cm) or approximate
    • A2 (60x40 cm) or approximate
    • A3 (40x30 cm) or approximate
    • A4 (30x20 cm) or approximate
  • Avaliable sizes for 1:1 format:
    • 80x80 cm
    • 60x60 cm
    • 50x50 cm
    • 40x40 cm
  • These sizes include for better handling:
    • 2cm (1cm per side) withe margin for sizes A1 and A2
    • 1cm (0,5cm per side) withe margin for sizes A3, A4 and 1:1 format.
  • All photos are limited, numbered and certified to 10 copies for sizes A1 y A2; and 15 copies for sizes A3 y A4.

Packing and shipping

  • All the works will be sent with the certificate of authenticity approved and signed by the author.
  • All prices include shipping cost to Spain. Other destinations: please ask me.
  • Delivery time: from 7 to 10 days to Spain. Other destinations: variable.
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